UK sandwich shop chain Pret A Manger is launching a range of “kids stuff” foods this month, to prompt increased spend by enabling children to eat in store with their parents.

“Kids stuff” offers children aged two- to seven-years a menu of handmade sandwiches, cordials, yoghurts and desserts tailored to younger taste buds. The company says that a major emphasis of the range is on its offering of a healthier alternative, which contains no artificial preservatives or colours and is organic.

The new range will be introduced initially in nine outlets situated in busy shopping areas in Bicester, Bluewater, Folkestone, Leeds, Milton Keynes, Putney, Reading, York and Brighton. Pret anticipates introducing the range to a further 40 shops by the end of the year.
Sharon Sweeney, UK marketing director at Pret, commented: “We recognised a gap in the market. Adults have a huge variety of sandwiches to choose from, but kids, who have very different tastes, seem to lack that choice.

“We talked to a lot of children to find out what they really liked and wanted to eat. We found that simple but tasty fillings and ingredients were often the favourite. 

Pret will be using children to help with the development of the range, as they will be asked to note their opinions, in crayon, on specially designed comment cards.