Uncertainty in the supply of milk this autumn is reinforcing the pressure for an increase in milk prices, says the NFU.

As negotiations get underway for autumn milk supplies, the NFU says prices need to rise to restore stability following the disruption caused by foot and mouth, including the slaughter of more than 120,000 dairy cattle.

NFU Deputy President Tim Bennett said: “The impact of foot and mouth and associated problems like movement restrictions, the slow opening of the OTMS and the suspension of AI in parts of the country has created real uncertainty over milk supplies this autumn and for next year.

“It is extremely important that the milk supply chain sends out the right signals this autumn to instil confidence among producers.”

Welsh dairy farmer and Chairman of the NFU’s Milk Committee Terrig Morgan said: “In the past 12 months there has been a recognition by the milk supply chain that dairy farming was suffering structural damage as a result of poor prices and that a fair price was needed by all.

“There is an opportunity to build on that recognition and create a real sense of optimism amongst dairy farmers for the future by securing further milk price increases. This would give producers the confidence to invest for the future.”

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