Two friends in Buckinghamshire have developed a completely new range of food products in a bid to cash in on the rapidly growing UK market for Indian food. The British public cannot get enough curry, it seems, and now they can get it quicker.

Bombay Bangers produces a unique Raj Range of Anglo-Indian products; a blend of modern British fare with ethnic flavour. Their flagship sausage selection is supplemented with savoury pastries, pickles and chutneys. The marketing force behind the company, Charlotte Hart, reveals however that the recipe does not simply involve adding spice to sausages.

The range is made to authentic Indian specification, from recipes written down in the days of the Raj when the British aristocracy asked servants to prepare their usual meals, but the Indian chefs had to compromise because they lacked all the traditional ingredients.

Hart stresses that this hybrid of Indian taste and British convenience is a gourmet range, which hopes to attract a premium price. “I don’t see any point in compromising the recipe. We want to take the British Raj food range to where it should be. It was eaten by the aristocracy and it should be again.”

The convenience of the Quick Curry Fix selection is likely to appeal to all consumers, however. When the products were showcased at IFE this week they generated much interest. The company is now in talks with a major British manufacturer to bring the range onto the supermarket shelves.  

“This could be the new cult food,” said Hart optimistically, “Much bigger than the cheeseburger.”