Rachel’s, the Dean Foods-owned UK organic dairy business, has today (19 June) claimed “category history” with the use of recycled plastic in its yoghurt pots.

The company said it was “the first ever yoghurt producer” to use the material in its pots, which had been previously made with polystyrene.

Later this month, however, Rachel’s will switch to 60%-recycled PET, or r-PET.

Rachel’s marketing director Steve Clarke said: “Using recycled plastic saves energy and so reduces the carbon footprint of our pot. It also reduces consumption of finite oil resources, from which new plastic is made. By making the switch to r-PET we will save up to 210 tonnes of plastic per year.  Better still, we are using materials that might otherwise end up in landfill.”

The pots will carry a new, on-pack recycling logo, the dairy firm added.