UK food maker Rectory Food Group has launched a dedicated ingredients division to supply packaged food manufacturers.

The company said it was targeting GBP5m (US$8.1m) in sales from Rectory Food Ingredients, which will sell products from frozen fruit and veg to seeds and pulses.

“This is a very positive move for Rectory Food Group as it means we now have a dedicated division for ingredients. We have conservatively targeted sales of GBP5m in our first year but I would like to think that we will exceed those predictions,” divisional director Matthew Armitage said yesterday (10 August).

“We are offering a range of pack sizes, quantities and storage options to meet the needs of British food manufacturers and their individual requirements and can also offer advice on the market place to allow our customers to plan effectively. We are already working with several food manufacturers and processors and our ingredients are being used in sauces, ready meals, bakery products, Indian foods and we are keen to speak to companies about their specific needs.”

Rectory Food Group was formed in 1996 and has operations in the UK, Europe and Asia. It supplies poultry and red meat in the UK and overseas.

The company also sells branded products in the UK. Last year, it expanded its Hot Chicken Company brand into the UK retail channel with a line of southern fried chicken products.

Armitage added: “The launch of the new Ingredients Division will help to drive the company forwards as we continue to expand Rectory Food Group’s portfolio to become a major force in the food industry.