A potato variety that is lower in carbohydrates and calories than most regular varieties could go on sale in UK supermarkets this year.

Four growers in Britain are to plant the Adora potatoes this spring and the crop could be on sale before the summer, reported The Times. The Adora potato contains around a third fewer carbohydrates and a quarter fewer calories than most standard varieties.

“We are still analysing the scientific data from the US but the Adora appears to have less starch because it is an early potato and is ready after 80 days, therefore there is less time for starch to be made. We also know that with high nitrogen in the soil this leads to lower dry matter so it is possible we may be able to lower the starch content even more,” Robert Graveland, research breeder at HZPC, the Dutch company supplying the seed to UK growers, was quoted by The Times as saying.