According to market research company, Key Note, only 9.2% of UK consumers buy organic foods on a regular basis, and more than half are concerned that products labelled as organic may not be.

The research found that 34.2% of the population sometimes buy organic foods while 44.3% hardly ever do so. The remaining 12.3% of respondents to Key Note’s survey into the organic market said that they never bought organic products, or gave the answer ‘don’t know’.

However, Key Note revealed that women were more likely to be regular purchasers of organic foods and drinks than men, with a 10.2% penetration level within the survey sample, compared with 8.2% among males.

While some 54.7% of the survey sample were concerned that products may be misrepresented as organic, some 65.5% of the sample thought that organic foods and drinks were too expensive.

Key Note forecast that the organic food and drinks market in the UK would increase by 19.6% between 2006 and 2019.