Liverpool based Eatwell (UK) Ltd, Britain’s leader in quality convenience foods, has been awarded the Tetra Pak Packaging Design Award for Consumer Marketing at the IGD Food Industry Awards. Eatwell has revolutionised the retail market for microwaveable hand-held snacks with the launch of a new range of products, which utilise the innovative Pressure Pack Cooking (PPC) method* to deliver restaurant quality snacks straight from the microwave.

The PPC (or dual cook) microwave method – which uses a unique combination of self-venting barrier film, gas mixture and susceptor sleeve – overcomes the traditional issue of soggy or otherwise microwave damaged bread, ensuring that its quality is comparable with freshly baked rolls. In addition to offering superior quality, the products are “heat and eat” from the pack to provide even greater consumer convenience.

The new range, priced from £1.39 to £1.49, includes quarter pounders both with and without cheese, hot dog, breakfast roll, and rib steak and chicken fillet sandwiches – each in a bread roll carefully selected to complement its premium quality filling. Retailer benefits include a shelf life of up to 20 days, thanks to properties of the packaging components that inhibit product deterioration, and support from Eatwell through an integrated marketing campaign.

Eatwell (UK) Ltd pioneered the original concept of extended life chilled snacks by use of MAP (modified atmosphere packaging), introducing chilled fast food to the convenience sector and multiple retailers in 1995. In order to meet increasing demand for its product range – already the most extensive in the food on the move sector – Eatwell recently moved to a new UK production facility which is operational to higher level EFIS standard.

Eatwell sales & marketing director Tony Breene commented: “Through in-depth research we have established that consumers are disappointed by inferior microwaveable snacks, with the main complaint centring on the poor quality of the bread component. Our experience in the chilled snack sector has enabled us to overcome this consumer issue with our new range, which taste tests have proven is considerably superior to equivalent products available.

“We believe this innovative development will keep us at the forefront of the dynamic convenience food sector, continuing to meet consumer demand for a wide choice of restaurant quality products offering simplicity of preparation and minimal cook time – in short, the new generation of microwaveable hand held snacks.”

 *patent pending