Baker RHM has announced that the first bread ever to be baked without a crust, Hovis Invisible Crust, has gone on sale in UK supermarkets.

“This is welcome news for the astounding 67% of British children who do not like crusts and for the 35% of parents who cut the crusts off sandwiches for their children, thereby wasting up to 45% of the bread,” the company said.

A nationwide study conducted by Hovis Invisible Crust also reveals that 83% of lunchboxes are usually returned three or four times a week containing discarded crusts.

At 50%., crusts score highest among food items usually left in lunchboxes, with fruit second at 16%. Crisps and sweets rarely return uneaten.

Some 23% of children still believe the old myth that crusts make hair curly.

‘Hovis Invisible Crust is the perfect bread choice for the overwhelming majority of British mums and kids who, our survey reveals, prefer a truly crust-less society,” said Paul Molyneux, technical director of RHM Bread Bakeries. “Hovis Invisible Crust is a unique feat of baking and the result of several years of research. Baked in tailor-made ovens and specially designed tins, we are extremely proud that for the first time we can offer British consumers all the goodness, flavour and nutrition of Hovis, without the crust.”