Long standing low-fat, healthy eating brand Ryvita is introducing its first ever major brand extension with a range of Rice Cakes.

On the shelves from May, Ryvita Rice Cakes will be available in most major supermarkets nationwide. They will come in two varieties – Original and Sesame.

The launch marks a significant change in Ryvita’s strategy, highlighting its emerging position as a brand that encompasses a growing range of healthy eating products, the company said in a statement. Future NPD plans are also being considered to further complement the Crispbread and Rice Cake ranges.

In trials, Ryvita Rice Cakes sales have exceeded expectations, selling more than initial forecasts had suggested. Feedback from consumers indicates that the new product sits well with such a trusted brand.

Carol Ware, Marketing Manager of Ryvita comments: “Our research revealed that consumers are demanding an increasing amount of choice in the healthy food market. The Ryvita Rice Cakes not only complement our existing range perfectly but they also heighten our position as the leading providers of natural, healthy snack food.”