Sainsbury has recently claimed to have taken market share from sector leader Tesco for the first time in seven years, but in a recent release on its CommentWire service, leading food analyst Datamonitor says that while its latest results definitely suggest a step in the right direction, “it isn’t even in the same league as Tesco“.

Datamonitor argues from its that “the UK’s number two supermarket chain is an extremely long way from regaining its crown” because the positive steps it is taking to maintain market share are still way behind those of Tesco.

“Tesco’s strategy is far ahead of Sainsbury’s – it has grown a strong UK core and then rapidly developed international stores, built good non-food sales, expanded into retailing services and exploited eCommerce successfully,” says Datamonitor: “As Europe’s second biggest retailer, it is now comparing itself to international rivals such as Carrefour.”
In the wake of Sainsbury’s recent announcement of much improved Q3 result, many analysts have argued that the test for the chain is only just beginning, and that it can not afford to sit back as the sector’s growth slows and competition increases.

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