Sainsbury’s today (15 March) indicated that it was going to provide Guideline Daily Amounts (GDAs) for children aged between five and ten-years-old on the packaging of own brand products.

While GDAs for adults have been included on packaging for a number of years, the UK retailer is the first to include nutritional information for children on labels in a move that coincides with the launch of its new kids range. The first products to include children’s GDAs will be the 80 products in the all new kids line. Eventually, the company said, all Sainsbury’s own brand products will display GDAs for children.

Judith Batchelar, Sainsbury’s director of health said: “Extensive research from Sainsbury’s, TNS and IGD has conclusively confirmed that parents are looking for healthier choices when buying for children or the whole family.

“Previously many parents have felt confused when looking at the labelling and wondered how far adult Guideline Daily Amounts reflect children’s nutritional needs. The answer is they are very different. For example they need the same amount of saturated fat each day as an average woman but their salt tolerance levels are a lot lower.

“There is genuine goodwill from parents when it comes to healthy eating and turning around obesity levels. The children’s GDAs should help parents to make informed choices when shopping for children.”

Sainsbury’s currently displays its Wheel of Health nutritional labelling for adults on over 1200 of its own brand products. This symbol communicates the amount of salt, fat, saturates, sugar and calories in each serving and utilises the traffic light system that the UK Food Standards Authority has been campaigning to get adopted by all retailers.