When it comes to good food; time, care and attention can make all the difference. That’s the key to Sainsbury’s new brand – Taste the Difference – which is set to be the biggest food brand launch in UK history.

Customer research has consistently shown that quality is the prime concern of customers when shopping for food. Many people believe that much of the food we eat is produced as quickly and as cheaply as possible, and this can prevent it from reaching its best.

It is this customer understanding which has resulted in Sainsbury’s launch of Taste the Difference. There are more than 350 foods in the range and each one has been grown or produced with the extra time, care and attention needed to bring out its full natural flavours.

The Taste the Difference range consists of products from all around the store, including bread, ready meals, fruit and vegetables, cheese, meat and grocery items. Each product in the Taste the Difference range has a unique story to tell. Here’s just a taste…….

Vittoria Vine TomatoesKeens Cheddar is handcrafted in Somerset by the Keen family who have been making this unique Cheddar since 1899. Made traditionally using unpasteurised milk from the Keen’s own herds, it is matured for 12 months, giving it a strong farmhouse flavour and a slight sharpness.

Free range Loue Chicken is a specially selected Traditional breed which has been reared in small flocks and raised in total freedom in the Loue region of France. Each bird is fed on maize and matured slowly, giving it time to develop a fuller flavour.

Roasted Vegetable Layered Risotto is made from specially selected ingredients using traditional methods and authentic ingredients. Carnoli rice is carefully stirred by hand and layered with oak smoked mozzarella and freshly prepared oven roasted vegetables, giving it a distinctive texture and flavour.

Pavé Bread is made to a traditional fermentation method, using the highest quality ingredients for a unique, rich flavour.

Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference will be available in all stores from November 2000.

For further information please contact Laura on 020 7695 4893