Regional suppliers can line up to pitch their products to Sainsbury’s over the Internet now that the ‘supply something new’ scheme has launched its own website –

Supply something new, launched last month in cooperation with Food from Britain, has already resulted in three regional food producers’ products being listed, Sainsbury’s said. In meetings taking place each month, manufacturers are invited to present their wares and will be given quick feedback from the supermarket chain, meaning that products can hit Sainsbury’s shelves within two months. 

The website, launched yesterday (15 June), is designed to make the application process quick, easy and accessible.

Kirsty Grieve, regional food and drink manager at Food from Britain said: “We are very supportive of this initiative as it benefits all parties. Suppliers will either gain a listing or walk away with the knowledge of how to make their products more attractive to the major retailers.  Meanwhile Sainsbury’s is able to source the best quality regional food on offer and consumers can enjoy the results.”
Mike Coupe, Sainsbury’s trading director commented: “‘Supply something new’ is the first time we have conducted a supplier scout of this scale and is part of our investment in innovation and quality. If the product is good enough we will be taking them to the shelves regardless of the supplier’s size.”