UK supermarket chain Sainsbury’s is to start selling seedless lemons this week in what producers claim is a world first.

The Seedless Eureka lemon was discovered by a grower in South Africa, who found seedless lemons growing on one of the trees in his orchard and took a cutting, reported Sky News.

The farmer is now able to export a limited amount of the lemons, which will be on sale at Sainsbury’s for the next six weeks.

Supplier Outspan said the lemon is a “real innovation”.

“With fruit, it is hard to create new products as we can’t just change the formula or put a new label on the tin. But with this lemon we’ve done it,” Martin Dunnett, Outspan’s procurement director, was quoted by Sky News as saying.

“Most people can accept a pip or two in an orange, but no one likes a lemon seed in their dessert, their gin and tonic, or on their fish,” he added.