Sainsbury‘s stores in Northern Ireland will trial technology that the supermarket giant claims will guarantee shoppers get the most competitive prices on branded goods.

From tomorrow (17 August), 12 Sainsbury’s stores will use ‘Brand Match’ technology that compares the price of thousands of branded groceries with Asda and Tesco.

The system instantly calculates the cost of a customer’s basket and compares it to the cost of the same branded basket at Asda and Tesco, including any promotional deals they are running.

If the basket would have been cheaper elsewhere, shoppers will immediately receive a coupon equal to the value of the difference between Sainsbury’s and either Asda or Tesco, depending on which is the cheapest. The coupon can be redeemed in store during their next visit.

Mike Coupe, Sainsbury’s commercial director, said: “Sainsbury’s Brand Match marks a huge step forward in the supermarket shopping experience and we’re delighted customers in Northern Ireland will be the first to trial it.

“We’ve always been committed to offering the best price on brands and by developing and by installing innovative technology in our stores we can reassure every customer that they’re paying the same for their basket of branded grocery goods every time they shop with us.

“We want to give shoppers a no-hassle experience; we understand they don’t want to spend time constantly checking prices or logging onto a computer to print out a coupon at home.”