UK snacks manufacturer Golden Wonder has decided to bring back its Scampi N’ Lemon flavour Nik Naks due to the enormous popular demand for the snack that remains undiminished five years after the snack was withdrawn.

Golden Wonder has received more than 10,000 letters, e-mails and faxes from members of the public who desperately want the flavour back again.

The maize-based snack was first launched in 1985, but the Scampi N’ Lemon flavour was withdrawn in 1997 after complaints that it was too smelly. Now staff at the Colin Road plant in Scunthorpe are not all pleased at the flavour’s return.

“Several of our employees were not very happy at the prospect of having to work on them again and requested transfers to the Wheat Crunchie line. Others asked for nose clips – seriously,” manager Nigel Smith told the Scunthorpe Evening Telegraph.

Re-launching Scampi N’ Lemon is the only way to satisfy public demand, according to Golden Wonder bosses. The new flavour is likely to be a big boost to the popular snack which already sells 400,000 packets a day in the UK.