Herb and spice maker the Shropshire Spice Company has launched three new dip mixes in Roasted Onion and Chive, Tomato and Herb and Garlic and Herb flavours.

These dry mixes will satisfy a growing consumer desire to create quick and easy dishes and accompaniments rather than using ‘out of the packet’ products, the company said. The three new dip recipes will further enhance The Shropshire Spice Company’s already extensive range of products which include delicacies such as mulled wine and other drinks mixes, salad dressings and BBQ marinades, bread sauce and a comprehensive selection of traditional and innovative stuffing mixes. The Shropshire Spice Company dips are natural products with no additives or preservatives. The simple recipes mean that the distinct flavours are allowed to infuse to create a natural and wholesome flavour.

The rise in popularity of celebrity chefs and their cookery programs has re-ignited consumers’ enthusiasm for cooking. Yet most want products that provide quick and delicious results rather than starting from scratch. The Shropshire Spice Company’s Dips are dry products that are easily mixed with mayonnaise, fromage frais, natural yoghurt or sour cream to create tasty accompaniments to snacks. Ideal for consumers who desire the pleasure of creating dishes without the hassle.

The dip mixes will be packaged in The Shropshire Spice Company’s re-branded design which was launched earlier this year to consolidate the message of the product’s natural ingredients and traditional heritage. The dip mixes will be available either as individual varieties or as a Gourmet Dip Selection Pack which will include one of each.

“When creating the new dip range our aim was to provide a product that was quick and simple to use as well as well as simply tasty,” said sales and marketing director  Fiona Mulroy. “The three new recipes are deliberately uncomplicated but carefully balanced to allow the dips to infuse and enhance the flavours of the crudités and snacks that they accompany.”