Silver Spoon, supplier of the UK’s leading sugar brand, has announced the acquisition of the trade and assets of Askeys Limited, the UK’s largest manufacturer of ice cream cones and wafers.

Askeys was founded by an Italian family in London in 1910, just a few years after the first ice cream cones were produced for the St.Louis World Trade Fair in the US. Long established as the market leader for ice cream cones, wafers and fans, Askeys has introduced new products for both the retail and foodservice markets.

The retail Café Society range provides products for in home entertainment in conjunction with luxury ice cream and fruits. A focus on the foodservice market has led to the creation of a separate division, Concept Foods, to progress developments which include Savoury Baskets for main courses and starters.
Commenting on the announcement, Silver Spoon’s managing director Sarah Arrowsmith said that Askeys would complement the company’s existing range of Treat dessert toppings and provide a broad platform for developing the ice cream and desserts complements category.