UK mini-confectionery brand Smint has revealed that a new version of its mint will be launched with a view to attracting the Valentine’s Day shoppers,

The ‘Wild Berry#; Smints, which will appear in stores this month, contain Cranberries and Bilberries. They are high in vitamin C, but sugar-free and tooth friendly, containing only half a calorie per mini-mint.

Alex Armstrong, Smint Brand Manager, commented: “Berry flavour is now the best selling fruit segment in the world confectionery market. Market research carried out indicates that 84% of Wild Berry sales will be incremental to Smint.

“We like to keep-up with the trends of our consumers and continually strive to progress the mini-confectionery market depending on the current consumer trends, ensuring the Smint brand stays ahead of the game and is recognised as an original and modern product.”

The launch of the new fruity smint will be accompanied by a ‘Passionate#; Web Initiative; a Wild Berry specific micro-site, an offshoot of The site offers visitors to berry themed animation and “the chance to Smint their secret Valentine”.

UK consumers can register on-line and enter the name and address of the object of their affections, who will then receive an e-mail telling them they have a secret admirer. On Valentine#;s Day morning they will also receive an anonymous Valentine#;s card and the new Wild Berry Smints.

Smint explained that the site will be revised at regular intervals throughout 2002 updating Smint fans on the brand activities and plans.