Smithfield Foods is to back the relaunch of its PEK chopped pork brand with a GBP250,000 ad spend.

The company said its spend is focused on women’s interest and retailer magazines whilst its target audience is C1C2 female main shoppers. 

PEK is already the UK’s number two chopped pork brand, with a market share of 35%. Smithfield said the relaunch is designed to build on the brand’s success in Yorkshire and the North East and give PEK a bigger share in the rest of the UK.  

“Now’s the time for retailers to pack PEK on their shelves,” said Ian Lindsay, sales & marketing director at Smithfield Foods. “Total ad budget will be around GBP1/4m and the spend is carefully directed using titles such as That’s Life, Yours, Chat, Take a Break and People’s Friend, alongside a limited number of broader media including retailer’s in house magazines.” It’s a strategy designed to achieve a very high penetration of the brand’s target audience.   

Breaking in Summer 2006 issues, the first advertisements play with the brand’s name, using headlines like ‘Feeling PEKish?’, ‘PEK Up A Pack Up’ and ‘PEK Up A Pizza’. 

“They’re designed to get the message across simply, quickly and wittily,” said Lindsay. “Combined with the additional promotional activities we’re planning, we expect to make a significant impact, not only in terms of increasing our market share but also in generating new business for the chopped pork sector.” 

The campaign is initially expected to run until February 2007.