The Soil Association has responded to speculation that the Scottish Executive could be considering ways to grow GM foods, possibly alongside non-GM crops – reported by BBC news yesterday (27 February).

Soil Association policy maker Michael Green told just-food: “It would be completely irresponsible for the Scottish Executive, or any other UK regional government, to consider growing GM crops.”
A spokesperson for the Scottish Executive had reportedly told the news service: “The Scottish Executive position has always been that we would consider applications on a case-by-case basis, taking account of all available scientific evidence.”

The news service also suggested the executive could introduce the co-existence of GM and other forms of agriculture in the country, an idea the Soil Association seems strongly against.

Green added: “GM food has been overwhelmingly rejected by UK consumers and the evidence demonstrates that they will damage the environment, cause economic hardship to farmers and may pose a risk to our health.

“The Soil Association is calling on the Government to design robust measures to prevent contamination of non-GM food and ensure that the burden is not on non-GM farmers and consumers.”