UK organic monitor the Soil Association has launched its first consultation to tackle the environmental impact of air freight.

In the first consultation of its kind, the Soil Association will talk to development charities, environmentalists, organic consumers and businesses about issues ranging from climate change and ethical trading to global justice and international development.

Air freight is the fastest growing form of food transportation and emits more greenhouse gases per food mile than any other transport method.

“As awareness of climate change has grown, concerns have been raised about the damage caused to the environment by air freight,” Soil Association chair Anna Bradley said. “However, when reducing our impact on the world’s climate, we must carefully consider the social and economic benefits of air freight for international development and growth of the organic market as a whole.”

The Soil Association is considering the possibility of introducing either a total or selective ban on organic air freight. Other options up for discussion are the labelling of airfreight and carbon offsetting.