A body of scientific evidence presented in a new report launched today [Monday] by the UK’s Soil Association indicates that organic food is both “safer and better for you than non-organic food.” The report, Organic Farming, Food Quality and Human Health, says much more research is needed, but concludes that consumers wishing to improve their intake of minerals and vitamin C while reducing their exposure to potentially harmful pesticide residues and food additives should choose organic food wherever possible.

The report was compiled by Shane Heaton, a nutritionist who examined over 400 published papers comparing organic and non-organic foods in terms of food safety, nutritional content and the observed health effects in those consuming food.

Patrick Holden, director of the Soil Association, commented that the report’s findings contradict highly publicised remarks made by Sir John Krebs, head of the UK Food Standards Agency, who last year said that there was no evidence that organic food was better for you than food produced using conventional farming and production methods. Holden said that the report showed organic crops to be higher in vitamin C and essential minerals as well as phytonutrients – compounds which protect plants from pests and disease and are often beneficial in the treatment of cancer.

He urged the government to give more support to organic producers and farmers wishing to convert to organic farming methods.

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