In a bid to break into the healthier end of the convenience food market, Crusty Crock Pots Ltd has developed a brand new product; the “soup in a sandwich.”

The company, which was the first to develop frozen versions of the British staple, the Yorkshire pudding, fifteen years ago, showcased the soupermeal at IFE this week. The product is essentially an edible white bread pot with a choice of flavoured “Dunking Lids,” which can then be filled with a choice of soups. Multinational company Maggi manufactured the range of soups as a dry mix that can be hydrated with hot water inside the bread pot. 

Manager of Crusty Crock Pots, Stuart Hepworth, explained to that the possibilities for the product are endless. Developed for the convenience market, soupermeals could sell well in service stations, cafes, sports centres, airports, stadiums and fastfood outlets, to name a few. The product itself can also be developed to accommodate different fillings, to create new “instant meals.”

Totally edible, soupermeals are also environmentally friendly; with none of the packaging waste associated with other fastfood meals. 

At present, the product and its production equipment, is still in the prototype stage, but soupermeals will be ready to retail at the end of May this year.