CHEF, the culinary star of Comedy Central’s  hugely popular  animated series SOUTH PARK,  has thrown down the gauntlet to the celebrity chef world with the news that he is set to launch his very own food range this year.

Millions of  SOUTH PARK devotees will now delight at the news that they can tune into their favourite SOUTH PARK episodes on television, video or dvd and tuck in at the same time to  CHEF’S specially created range of gastronomic delights. CHEF, the larger than life star of SOUTH PARK who has been dishing up tasty meals, along with some serious life advice to Kyle, Stan, Cartman, Kenny and the rest of the SOUTH PARK gang for the past two years, has created a range of eight, British produced, delicious chicken, pork and beef products that are sure to ignite the taste buds of even the most discerning foodie!

As consumers discover CHEF’s delicious recipes , it won’t be long before the mouth-watering smells  of CHEF’S PREMIUM COLLECTION  –  South Park Quarter Pound Beef Burgers,  South Park Bangers, South Park Southern Style Chicken Dippers, South Park Chef’s Stuffing Balls, South Park Chicken Nuggets, South Park Quarter Pound Breaded Chicken Burgers, Chef’s Love Sausage and Chef’s Meaty Balls will be emerging from households throughout the UK.

SOUTH PARK, Comedy Central’s fiendishly subversive animation series, created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone has created a world-wide broadcasting and retail phenomenon since its first broadcast in 1998.  With a total of 65 episodes to date, Sky One has just completed the broadcast of the fourth series of SOUTH PARK with Channel 4 set to screen the series in the spring.  A new, fifth series of SOUTH PARK will be part of Sky One’s Autumn 2001 schedule.

With more than 34 companies producing SOUTH PARK merchandise the licensing programme has proved as popular as the broadcast of the series with retail sales in excess of £300 million units.   The launch of SOUTH PARK – CHEF’S PREMIUM COLLECTION will ensure that SOUTH PARK remains on the tip of everyone’s tongue in the coming year.

SOUTH PARK – CHEF’S PREMIUM COLLECTION, will be profiled in major supermarkets throughout the UK from the beginning of February 2001.