The Sugarmark – the distinctive symbol for sweet, natural, pure sugar – is a step closer to becoming a world-recognised symbol today as it welcomes a new member, the Philippine Association of Sugar Refiners, Inc.

Graham Somerville, Executive Director of Sugarmark International said the Sugarmark was experiencing greater interest from the industry as organizations searched for ways in which to spread the good news about sugar and improve their business.

“If the industry is to enjoy a more positive climate, it is essential to build on and improve the image of sugar by highlighting its basic qualities as a natural sweetener thereby enhancing consumer perceptions.

“The more these messages are linked with Sugarmark, and the greater its adoption the more effectively sugar can be marketed, globally,” said Mr Somerville.

Increasing the use of the Mark around the world will increase awareness of the role of sugar as a carbohydrate with many functional qualities. At the same time there is a need to back up this awareness with an inherent message that this is a product of exceptional purity – which also encourages variety in the diet.

Mr Somerville said another primary motivator for new members was Sugarmark International’s aim to introduce and manage an industry standard.

“Sugarmark members have agreed there is a need for a meaningful set of international quality criteria to take the industry forward. We are looking to the CODEX ALIMENTARIUS sugar standards – which are nearing agreement under the joint FAO/WHO Food Standards Programme – to provide a further measure of quality for sugar which can be applied to the industry by Sugarmark International.”