Savoury ingredients supplier Synergy, part of the Carbery group, has launched a new range of premium cheese ingredients under the brand name Saporlait.

The company said the new products “improve flavour and enhance mouthfeel” and can be used in a wide range of product categories, including savoury bakery and snack products, ready meals, dairy produce, snack seasonings and low-fat and low-salt offerings.

The new portfolio includes Saporlait cheese YE, a blend of cheese powders and natural lactic yeast extract for flavour enhancement, and Saporlait YEC, a combination of cheese, natural yeast extract and flavourings for restoring flavour lost through cheese and fat reduction.

“Saporlait has been designed to replicate and enhance the taste and texture of real cheese, but also offers superior practical and cost benefits,” said Synergy commercial director John Godwin. “Combining Synergy’s expertise in savoury ingredients and Carbery’s heritage in quality cheeses, we have developed a premium range which caters to the current and future requirements of savoury food manufacturers.”