UK sugar and ingredient company Tate & Lyle has launched a new ‘good for you’ product called Rebalance System 50 Cracker Ingredients.

“Rebalance System 50 Cracker Ingredients offer manufacturers the solution for a new and unique, ‘good For you” snack cracker’, said Lori Napier, Tate & Lyle R&D Specialist. “Consumers want a cracker that can satisfy hunger at any time of the day, as well as offer convenience, go-anywhere portability, and a diverse range of textures and flavours.”

Tate & Lyle R&D has successfully developed a prototype of whole grain crackers with Rebalance System50 Cracker Ingredients using traditional sheeted cracker technology, the company said.  Rebalance System 50 Cracker Ingredients provide appropriate dough machining properties and contribute a light and crispy texture along with the presence of dietary fibre. Additionally, Rebalance System 50 Cracker Ingredients enhance flavour in whole grain cracker formulas providing mild sweetness in the absence of nutritive sweeteners.

Rebalance System 50 Cracker Ingredients reduce the amount of glycemic carbohydrates, such as sugar, in traditional and whole grain cracker formulas with a neutral or buttery flavour. Rebalance System 50 Cracker Ingredients can be used in trans-fat-free cracker formulas while maintaining appropriate dough machinability and a crispy texture after baking. 

The “good for you” whole grain cracker prototype, launched at the Snack Food Association’s SnaxPo 2005 Conference in Hollywood, Florida, features 3 grammes of dietary fibre and 5 grammes of protein per 30 gramme serving, offering consumers a good source of fire with a moderate increase in protein when compared with the traditional crackers.