Sugar group Tate & Lyle has launched two new solution sets targeted at the European fruit dessert industry.
The new product, branded as Rebalance and available in dry and liquid form, will enable food manufacturers to meet consumer demand for reduced-calorie fruit dessert without compromising taste and texture, says Tate & Lyle.
While commercially available ultra-light products contain around 90% fewer calories than full-sugar fruit dessert, they have proved unpopular with many consumers because of their jelly-like consistency. However, Tate & Lyle claims its new solution sets have a nutritional profile that fits between the ultra-light and light category but delivers the taste and texture of a light product.
“Light and ultra-light fruit desserts have typically ticked all the boxes for nutritional content but disappointed on taste and mouth feel,” said Mike Augustine, global vice-president of Ingredient Applications and Technical Services at Tate & Lyle. “We have seen that irrespective of high calorie or sugar reduction, products which do not deliver on taste will not achieve mainstream success. In response to requests from the industry, our European R+D team has developed two new fruit dessert solution sets.
“By using Tate & Lyle’s Fruit Dessert Rebalance, fruit dessert manufacturers can reformulate the nutritional profile of their popular brands and offer consumers a product with the same taste and texture as a light product, but with far fewer calories.”