It has been confirmed today (22 September) that the victims of recent mail bomb attacks in Dorset are being targeted because they shop in the Tesco supermarket chain. Investigating the case, assistant chief constable Chris Lee added, however, that “the reason for singling out the supermarket chain is at this time unclear and our enquiries into any motive are being investigated.”

So far, parcel bombs have been sent to four addresses in Poole and Bournemouth, and another three suspect packages were intercepted by the local Royal Mail sorting office. One bomb was sent to the home of two pensioners, who escaped injury but were “considerably shocked” when the padded envelope exploded with a loud bang and smoke.

The Dorset police believe that the bombs are linked to blackmailing threats recently received by the retailing giant, but they declined to reveal how the names and addresses of customers had been gathered by the bomber. The director of security for Tesco, John Purnell, said he was working with the police to further their enquiries. He commented in a statement: “Like the police, we do not know the reasons why only Tesco customers have been targeted.”

The Tesco Lotus store in Phuket, Thailand, has recently announced plans to spend more than 290m baht on expanding the store and providing space for entertainment. This brings the total investment in the store to 990m baht, and reflects the 96% growth in the chain since last year. Total sales for the 24 Tesco Lotus branches across Thailand are now totalling 21.74bn baht.