Tesco has launched a dedicated home shopping website for Poles in response to growing demand for Polish foods in the UK.

The launch of the Polish website follows the retailer’s recent decision to extend its Polish food range to 250 speciality products available at 500 stores.

“Polish ethnic foods is one of the largest emerging markets we have,” a spokesperson for the UK’s number one retailer told just-food. “The sector is growing at 250% year-on-year at Tesco.”

An estimated 1.2m Poles now live in the UK. The website, which can be accessed in English and Polish, is designed to cater to this growing demographic. 

The range includes “typical Polish fare” such as salty sticks, white sour soup, Polish meat balls with tomato sauce, long life milk, pates, and carrot juice.

Tesco said that it is dealing directly with Polish suppliers to import foods in order to keep prices low. The group added that this process has been made easier because it already has retail operations in the country.