Autumn shopping bills are set to tumble again from Monday as Tesco slashes another £55 million from 1,040 prices throughout stores across the UK.

The latest move is the third Tesco price cut since February – with 8,500 products still at the same price they were cut to last year.

John Gildersleeve, Tesco Director, said “We’re working hard to keep prices falling. We’ve had some great ideas to make life simpler and better for customers and staff – which cut costs and means prices can come down.”

“Customers tell us they want lower prices – so we’ll continue to find ways to get them down time and time again. And we’ll do it without compromising our high quality standards.”

The latest price offensive will see many prices cut by up to 20% on a huge range – including Toys, Cheeses, Yoghurts, Groceries, CDs, DVDs, Shampoo, Condoms, Spirits, Chicken, and Christmas essentials.

Gillette Mach 3 razor blades (pack of 8) are reduced from £9.49 to £6.97; Durex Featherlite condoms (pack of 18) come down from £12.39 to £8.99; chart CD’s will be just £9.99; Tesco Whole Camembert (250g) is slashed from £1.55 to £0.99; and Gales Honey (454g) goes from £1.69 to £1.28.

Using extensive market research and exclusive Clubcard data, the price cuts will ensure that all groups of society benefit. A typical pensioner’s basket is 11% cheaper than last year; a young family’s is 9% cheaper; a student’s is 12% less, and a young professional will be saving 12% a week. (see attached, tables 2-5).

Gildersleeve continued “Every customer will notice the difference when they reach the till. Once again Tesco is leading the way to lower prices for British shoppers.”

The enormous investment by Tesco now totals £594 million since September 1996. Many brand products are now cheaper in the UK than they are in the USA. (see attached, table 1). Heinz Ketchup (340g) is now 24p less at Tesco than a leading American superstore chain, and Kellogg’s Cornflakes (500g) a massive 83p cheaper at Tesco.

John Gildersleeve added “Tesco customers are becoming the envy of the world. The more they shop with us – the higher the savings will be.”