UK retail giant Tesco has suspended its organic veg box scheme, Soil and Seed, which launched in London in October last year.

The scheme, which distributed “high quality” organic veg, salad and fruit across the capital, was described by Tesco as an exclusive organic produce offer on its launch last autumn.

However, IT problems have forced the operation, owned by organic vegetable supplier Tio, to be suspended ahead of a planned relaunched later this year.

In a statement on the Soil and Seed website, the company said: “After a well-received 12-week trial, organic produce box service Soil and Seed will pause for further IT development with a view to re-launching later this year. The scheme, which offered a variety of fruit, vegetable and salad boxes brought together farmers from around the UK to offer organic produce to Tesco customers in London.”

Tesco offered the same statement that was published on the Soil and Seed website when contacted for comment.