The UK’s largest retailer Tesco has begun stocking what a spokesman for the company described to just-food as a “wonder fruit” – the Tibetan Goji berry.

According to Tesco, the Goji berry has been “hailed by health experts to be one of the world’s most nutritionally beneficial foods”. A representative for the retailer told just-food that it is hugely popular in the US because of the powerful antioxidants, minerals, vitamin C and essential fatty acids it contains.

The company said that there are numerous health benefits associated with consumption of the berries. Goji berries are said to boost energy levels, slow the aging process, improve skin and protect against the harmful effects of the sun, increase longevity, help combat cancer and heart disease, fight depression, lower cholesterol and even enhance sex drive.

“The Goji is so packed full of nutrients that it is in a completely different league to acclaimed superfoods such as blueberries, blackcurrants, oily fish and broccoli. As functional foods go the Goji is possibly the most beneficial of them all and contains weight for weight 500 times more vitamin C than oranges and five times more iron than steak,” said Tesco Wholefoods buyer David Cooke.

“Eating Goji berries is currently one of the hottest new food trends sweeping America and it has become part of the de rigueur diets in Hollywood,” he added.

The berries, which look like a red raisin and taste like a cross between a cranberry and a cherry, go on sale nationwide this week.