UK supermarket giant Tesco has said it is to launch what it believes to be the UK’s first tandoori-flavoured cheese.

Tesco said a team of eight scientists and 50 food tasters had spent six months developing the cheese, reported the Sunday Telegraph.

The new variety of cheddar will be available at around 200 supermarkets by the end of next month. If the tandoori-flavoured cheese is a success, Tesco said it might try to develop a fish-and-chip-flavoured variety.

“We are testing the water with the tandoori cheese,” a spokesman was quoted by the newspaper as saying.

“We think we have the perfect flavour. If it goes well, our technicians would probably need six to eight weeks to rustle up something fish-and-chip flavoured for the food panel. If we go along with it, we are likely to be looking at getting it in the shops in March or April.

“Then we could start looking at other things. You could have tikka or vindaloo flavours, Thai-flavoured cheeses or Chinese, based on the popularity of the British takeaway menu,” the spokesman said.