Tesco is to withdraw a customer education leaflet about organic produce after the Advertising Standards Authority ruled that it was misleading by omission.

After receiving a complaint from a member of the public, the ASA looked into the matter and found that the “Organic your everyday choice” leaflet implied that organic food was safer and healthier than conventional food.

The ASA said it considered that, although the evidence submitted by Tesco showed organic farming might be the right choice for readers who were concerned about the effect of intensive food production on the environment, the advertisers had not provided evidence that it was the right choice for readers concerned about the effect intensively farmed food might have on their health. The ASA asked Tesco not to repeat the claim unless they held documentary evidence to prove it.

“We are disappointed the ASA had these concerns as we work very hard to ensure information we give our customers is accurate and presented in a factual way,” a Tesco spokesman was quoted by the Grocer as saying.