Tesco is considering disciplinary measures against three employees who filmed themselves mimicking stunts performed in the cult US TV show ‘Jackass’, damaging company property in the process. The supermarket workers then posted the footage, which is thought to have been shot using a mobile phone, on the Internet.

The clip, titled “Tesco Bums Causing Havoc!!!”, has received hundreds of thousands of hits on the YouTube website. It shows one employee ripping open staff lockers with a walking stick and headbutting lockers wearing a crash helmet. Another worker summersaults onto a pile of boxes at a Tesco storage area, one employee plays football with some fruit in an isle and another smashes a metal tray over a friend’s head. 

While Tesco told just-food that it was presently unable to comment on the specific incident, The Sun newspaper reported today (6 November) that at least three employees are now facing the sack as their faces and nametags were clearly visible in the two-minute clip.