The Co-operative Group (formerly CWS) is taking legal action to recover damages and sums owing to it following the renegotiation, in 1995, of a supply agreement with Hobsons, a company then owned by Andrew Regan.

Group Secretary, Nick Eyre confirmed that claims had been issued against former CWS executives, Allan Green and David Chambers who, it is alleged, conspired with fellow defendants Andrew Regan, Ronald Zimet and Trellis International, to deprive CWS of several £millions.

The Co-operative Group asserts that the defendants entered into an agreement, or reached a common understanding, that led Green and Chambers to breach their duties, as employees, by committing CWS to a new, but unfavourable supply agreement.

It is alleged that Regan, Zimet and Trellis induced and/or dishonestly assisted in these breaches.

The Co-operative Group is also seeking recompense from Chambers who, it is alleged, induced a payment from CWS of £150,000 for unfair dismissal.

The claims were issued to ensure they didn’t fall foul of the statutory limitation period.

For further information please contact:

Martin Henderson
Head of Public Relations
the Co-operative Group Tel: 0161 827 5292