The Scottish Salmon Co. has promoted board director Bill Hazledean to the position of chief executive, the UK firm announced today (10 December).

Hazeldean had been on the board of The Scottish Salmon Co.’s forerunner Lighthouse Caledonia since 2007. He stayed on the board of The Scottish Salmon Co. when it emerged this year from Lighthouse Caledonia, which fell into financial difficulties in 2008.

Hazeldean, who formed Macrae Foods in 1994, a company that became the largest supplier of ready-to-eat seafood in the UK before it was sold to Young’s Seafood a decade later, replaces Mike Corbett as CEO.

Corbett joined The Scottish Salmon Co. in April and had been part of the team leading the company’s restructuring into its present form.

The changes at the top of the company also include a new COO and a new chairman. Dr Stewart McLelland, former MD at Macrae Foods, becomes COO.

Robert Brown, MD at Lehman Brothers from 1978 to 1994, replaces Jim Mullins as chairman.

A spokesperson for The Scottish Salmon Co. said: “We have new leadership to help bring the company forward into its latest stage of development. We had in place a team with the expertise to refinance and restructure the company. The former chairman Jim Mullins and chief executive Mike Corbett were instrumental in the listing and launch of The Scottish Salmon Company.”

The spokesperson added: “The Scottish Salmon Company has a team with considerable industry and business expertise that will help the company grow and continue the work that has already been done following through on the next stage of our development plan.”