Members of Today’s Group – the wholesale arm of UK retail cooperative Nisa-Today’s, are mulling a demerger from NISA – the retail part of the business.

Should Today’s decide to push ahead with the move, it would then operate as a stand-alone business, the company said.

“The marketplace in which both Nisa and Today’s now operate has changed radically from that when Today’s Group was first formed in 1987 and it has become clear that Today’s wholesale has very different future needs to those of Nisa retail,” Today’s Group said.

“Both require tailored strategies, resources and direction that may be best served and achieved by becoming separate, stand-alone organisations with focussed management and member directors.”

Nisa-Today’s is a UK co-operative retail and wholesaler business, in which the independent retailers are member-owners of the company.

However, Today’s was quick to highlight that a demerger would not result in an end to “all existing relationships” and suggested that there could be “more commercial opportunities” to work in partnership than as a single enterprise.

“Nisa-Today’s member-owned structure is an essential part of its culture and business operations and it is vital that wholesale members are given the opportunity to consider a demerger option as one way to maintain the market leading performance of recent years,” Today’s Group stressed.