The fourth issue in IGD’s Consumer Watch series shows that the top two reasons for choosing a regular supermarket to shop in are price and familiarity with the store layout.

The consumer research reveals that the top two and next two factors influencing choice of store are:

  • Price: 54% of consumers used their store because they liked the price offer;
  • Layout: 48% of consumers used their store because they knew the layout;
  • Food choice: 44% of consumers used their store because of the choice of food;
  • Location: 34% of consumers used their store because it was the closest to them/easiest to get to.

Whilst price was the main deciding factor for less affluent consumers, it also plays an important role amongst those for whom money is less of an issue.

The importance of a consistent store layout was emphasised. Once people had acquired a good knowledge of where products could be found within a store it seemed to play a considerable role in maintaining customer loyalty. Changes to the layout (perceived or real) were guaranteed to wind up shoppers, because they interrupted their shopping pattern and were thought to be done primarily to make consumers go down every aisle.

Other aspects that come into the decision making process once these fundamentals are met are:

  • the promotions on offer;
  • the store not being too large;
  • the opening hours;
  • own brand products;
  • loyalty cards.

This shows that store choice is based on a combination of providing the right product offer in terms of price and food choice and the convenience of the shopping trip in terms of finding the products and the ease of getting to a store.

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