Global flavour ingredients specialist Treatt plc has launched a clear flavour distillate which imparts a fresh, natural sugary taste to food systems without adding calories, sugar, protein or colour.  Sugar Treattarome™ 9806 is 100% natural and FTNF (From The Named Food) – collected entirely from cane sugar – and offers flavourists and food technologists the sweet notes desirable in diet products as well as a clean label declaration.

Treatt has applied innovative specialist technology to concentrate the volatiles of sugar, maximising flavour entrapment – whilst leaving behind the sucrose.  Sugar Treattarome 9806 is particularly suitable for use in diet/low-calorie products, where it works synergistically with artificial sweeteners.  It masks their metallic, dry taste and gives a more natural flavour to the product as well as improving overall mouthfeel.  Successful applications include beverage and confectionery products.

In other finished products, Sugar Treattarome 9806 provides a range of flavour characteristics, such as brown or demerara sugars, caramel, butter and malt.  In dairy products, such as smoothies, coffee mocha drinks and chocolate-flavoured milks, creamy and sweet notes are enhanced.

Sugar Treattarome 9806 is the latest in the Treattarome range of unique FTNF water-soluble distillates.  The range is produced using a short duration, low temperature distillation process which ensures the character of the distillate is of the original, fresh food.  Other Treattarome products include tropical fruit, tea, melon, honey, malt and garden/vegetable flavours.

Treatt manufactures and supplies a vast inventory of innovative products including essential oils, their natural fractions and aromatic chemicals for the flavour and fragrance industries.

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