UK biscuit maker Tunnock’s is to meet with ACAS, the country’s employment dispute body, after the company’s latest pay offer was rejected.

Tunnock’s, which has seen its staff hold two 24-hour walkouts over pay in the last fortnight, said today (4 October) it will meet ACAS on Friday in a bid to resolve the dispute.

Employees at Tunnock’s today rejected what the company called an “unconditional” offer of a 2% pay increase dated back to 1 July.

The firm said it was the third offer the company had made in three weeks. Tunnock’s said it made a conditional offer of a 2% pay increase on 15 September. The offer was dependent on unions recommending the proposal; Tunnock’s said the union refused.

“The union refused to recommend the offer, but as far as we understand from our workforce, the fact that a conditional offer was made at all, was poorly communicated to them,” Tunnock’s said.

Another unconditional offer was made through ACAS on 21 September – two days before the first walkout at Tunnock’s factory in Uddington, Lanarkshire.

MD Boyd Tunnock said: “As a family, we have demonstrated our commitment to our workforce and our community by providing long-term, secure and stable employment – reflected by the fact that the average length of service is 16 years – and our aim is to continue to do so.”

He added: “Our staff’s level of pay is in line with, or above, our local competitors and they also enjoy a generous benefits package.”

Officials at Unite, the union representing Tunnock’s staff, could not be reached for immediate comment.