The campaign to make GM labelling mandatory in the state of Oregon has won a high-profile backer – former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney.

The singer has recorded a 30-second radio advert supporting the measure, which would require labelling of any food with even a hint of genetically modified ingredients. It is likely to affect as much as 70% of processed foods currently on grocery shelves.

“If it’s labelled, then people have a choice as to what to buy,” McCartney says in the advert. “Yes on 27, so let it be labelled.”

It is reported that McCartney was not approached for his support, but got in touch with the ‘Yes’ campaign when he heard about the issue while in Portland for a concert.

Pat McCormick, spokesman for the campaign opposing Measure 27, said McCartney is a “great musician,” but he questioned the singer’s credentials when it comes to food labelling.

McCartney is a committed vegetarian, as was his late wife Linda, who launched a vegetarian food manufacturer which branded many of its products with the slogan ‘Say no to GMOs’.

Voters in Oregon go to the ballot box to vote on Measure 27 on 5 November.

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