US sports nutrition company EAS is launching a range of low carb, low GI, high nutrient snack bars and meal replacements into the mainstream UK consumer market.

The AdvantEdge range has been readily available in the US for several years. AdvantEdge Complete Nutrition bars come in Chocolate Orange and Strawberry Crunch flavours. The shakes come in Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry or Strawberry flavours. They are also available in powder form that makes up to a drink.

The AdvantEdge Carb Control products are for people watching their weight and limiting their carbohydrate intake. The bars come in Chocolate Fudge, Strawberry and Lemon. The Carb Control ready-to-drink shakes come in Chocolate and Strawberry and Vanilla flavours.

Four AdvantEdge speciality products for Sports People complement the Complete Nutrition and Carb Control ranges. They are designed with the more serious sports person in mind.

The UK campaign will be endorsed by model and fitness guru Cindy Crawford.