US cereals giant Kellogg has launched a reduced-sugar version of its Frosties breakfast cereal on the UK market.

However, the new cereal still constitutes a ‘high sugar’ product when measured against guidelines issued by the UK Food Standards Agency, as it contains more than 10% sugar. The new version contains 25% sugar. However, Kellogg said that any further cuts in sugar would make the cereal unpalatable.

The higher levels of refined starch in the reduced-sugar version of Frosties means it has the same number of calories as the original version, which contains 38% sugar, reported The Guardian. The new version was also criticised by campaigners for having too much salt.

Earlier this week the Danish food authorities banned vitamin-enriched versions of 18 Kellogg breakfast cereals and bars on the grounds that the long-term consumption of excessive vitamins could prove toxic to children and unborn babies.