Technology company UTEK Europe has revealed a “shaken but not stirred” process intended to revolutionise the sterilisation of caned, packed and bottled products.

Shaka, a process produced by Zinetec in the UK, loads baskets filled with products, before a reciprocating actuator shakes the baskets and their contents back and forth vigorously, allowing rapid content heat transfer.

UTEK Europe chairman John Emanuel told just-food that Shaka takes less than half the time of widely used manufacturing techniques. It requires higher temperatures than most existing pasteurised processes, but capital costs are still expected to be lower.

Emanuel said: “The larger companies will find this irresistible, and there is a good chance that Shaka will be common place in a few years – it is a potential revolution.”

The equipment will be used in the UK, Holland, Germany and the US first, with machines already being made by Allpax Products in the US, Satori Stocktec in Germany, and Steriflow in France.

The new process will be displayed by UTEK at Cologne’s European food manufacturing equipment show in April.