Britannia Health Products has announced is to distribute a range of Vogel’s cereals in the UK, aiming to capture a share of the £1.1bn (US$2.0bn) UK breakfast cereal market.

Based on Swiss nutritionist Dr Alfred Vogel’s principles for healthy eating, the company said the cereals provide tangible health benefits and are free from artificial flavours, colours and preservatives. All Vogel’s Cereals are high in fibre and contain less than 1.5g of fat and 0.3g sodium per serving.

The new range of cereals, which are suitable for vegetarians, include Vita Pro – a gluten-free, vitamin and protein enriched soy cereal with honey and cinnamon, Ultra Bran Soy and Linseed – a crunchy wheat-bran cereal formulated with linseed, minerals and vitamins, and Soytana – a honey coated soy and wheat cereal blended with Australian sultanas.

Vogel’s Cereals also contain ‘Hi-maize’, a natural functional food ingredient that is rich in resistant starch, fibre and pre-biotic properties, which are believed to improve bowel health.

“Vogel’s is already a well-known and respected food brand in the UK from its range of speciality breads. Market research feedback has been extremely positive and we are confident that Vogel’s Cereals will be very popular amongst the cereal-buying public,” said Britannia Health Products’ sales and marketing manager, Chris Drew.