Shell and Waitrose have announced a two-site trial that will see Little Waitrose convenience branches on existing forecourts.

The sites, in Watford and Bayswater in London, are being redeveloped now ready for the opening of the 1,600 sq ft shops.

Shell will continue to own the sites and Waitrose will take over the operation of each, acting as Shell’s agents for the sale of fuels. This will be the first 24/7 operated and managed operation for Waitrose and approximately 30 employees will work at each location.

John Bullock, executive vice president of Shell Global Retail Business, said: “We are excited about entering into this alliance with Waitrose. We see this as the beginning of a strong relationship between two established brands in the UK market, exploring opportunities to bring both brands together for the benefit of Shell and Waitrose customers.”

Waitrose currently has 23 convenience branches. The Little Waitrose name was first used in January 2011 and is now used for all new convenience branches.

Mark Price, Managing Director of Waitrose, said: “Bringing Waitrose to more people in more places is a big priority for us and so I’m very pleased to be embarking on this new pilot with Shell. I think the combination of their offer and Little Waitrose will hold a lot of appeal for customers.”